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Elevator Hoists & Hoist Accessories

Spider offers the widest range of personnel and material traction hoists available for elevator installation and maintenance. With capacities ranging from 1000 lb all the way up to 5,500 lb, and speeds ranging from 35 feet per minute up to 70 feet per minute, we offer the highest capacity and highest speed hoists in the industry.

Spider’s SC1000 line is available in 1,000 lb and 1,500 lb capacities. Smaller and lighter than the UpPro line, SC1000 hoists are perfect for small elevator shafts where space is a premium.

The rugged UpPro line offers capacities from 2,200 lb to a massive 5,500 lb. In addition, these hoists include variable frequency drive, making them the ONLY VFD hoists available specifically designed for the elevator industry.