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Energy and Industrial

With more than 75 years of experience, Spider can get you to work safely and productively on any industrial project.

Spider provides safe, efficient, and innovative suspended access solutions for work in refineries, power plants, tank farms, shipyards, offshore platforms, heavy construction, and more, helping you solve the most complex industrial construction, maintenance, and repair challenges.

Power Plant Construction and Maintenance

Whether you’re working in coal, gas, hydropower, or nuclear power plants, Spider can get your contractors to work safely and efficiently.

Tanks, Smokestacks, and Silos

Spider has interior and exterior access solutions specifically designed for the unique needs of contractors performing work on tanks, smokestacks, and silos. Whether you’re tuckpointing a large masonry smokestack or blasting and coating a tank interior. Need to rig to the top of a silo? Need to access the underside of a tank roof? Need to do it with equipment that fits through an 18-inch manway? Spider has what you need.


Need to access the sloping face of a dam? Our angular stirrups can keep you level at any pitch and even adjust on the fly for tapered slopes. Need to access penstocks or turbines? We offer multiple solutions that can be fit through an 18 in. manway.  Whether you need interior or exterior access, Spider has a solution.

Offshore Oil & Gas

Spider’s ST-17 work basket is the industry standard for offshore access. When faced with remote and demanding offshore challenges, where better to turn than the innovator and market leader for the safest, most reliable suspended access solutions?

Wind Energy

Spider’s range of wind turbine suspended access solutions allows workers to access all blade and tower surfaces for the full range of inspection and maintenance needs. From single-point tower access inspection systems to 360° blade access platforms to specialized custom designs, we have access solutions for any challenge.