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Branch Services

Ready to tackle your most challenging access problems?

With more than 200 suspended access professionals supporting 25 branch locations across the Americas, Spider brings thousands of hours of scaffold industry expertise to keep you working.

Our branch staff use checklist-driven processes to ensure you receive consistent, high quality, and timely service no matter where you are. Among the services our branches provide include:

Suspended Access Equipment Maintenance

  • Customer-Owned Hoist Repair and Preventive Maintenance per 1910.28(i)(6), 1926.451 and ANSI 14.1
  • Permanently-Installed Platform Annual and Periodic Maintenance per 1910.66(g)(3),(4),(5) & (6) and ANSI 14.1
  • Permanently-Installed Platform Inspection per 1910.66 (c)(3), 1910.66(g)(2) and ANSI 14.1
  • Retractable Lifeline Repair & Certification
  • Repair or Replace Recommendation

Installation & Rigging

  • Equipment Installation
  • Turnkey Rigging Services
  • Rigging Supervision
  • Permanent Installation Supervision

Convenience Services

  • Scaffolding Rental Equipment Delivery
  • Also Scaffolding Rental Equipment easy Pick-Up
  • Pick Up & Delivery of Customer-Owned Hoists with Repair Service
  • Scaffolding for Sale