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Spider Applications

Spider is the leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of suspended scaffolding systems, for rental or sale.  We have solutions to overcome the most unique and demanding access challenges, whether for commercial buildings, energy and industrial applications, safety and debris containment netting, elevator installation and modernization, or infrastructure, landmark and large venue projects.

With more than 75 years of experience, we can get you to work safely and productively.

Commercial Buildings

Whether for new construction, maintenance and renovation, or permanently installed façade maintenance systems, Spider lets you work at height safely on all types of commercial structures, including high-rise offices, apartments, hotels, stadiums, landmarks and more. Spider is the supplier of choice for suspended access solutions on North America’s most iconic structures.

Energy and Industrial

Spider provides safe, efficient, and innovative suspended access solutions for work in refineries, power plants, tank farms, shipyards, offshore platforms, heavy construction, and more, helping you solve the most complex industrial construction, maintenance, and repair challenges.


Whether for bridges or other infrastructure facilities like airports, stadiums, or other large venues, Spider has the expertise, technology, and equipment to overcome the most demanding infrastructure access challenges.


Need fall protection on an open high-rise floor? Concerned about falling debris while performing maintenance or demolishing a structure? Want to position workers above and below to work twice as fast? Need to access difficult-to-reach areas like the underside of a tank roof or the roof of a large stadium? Spider’s complete line of netting solutions can help!

Elevator Installation

We offer a full range of equipment specifically designed for the elevator industry, including the widest range of personnel traction hoists from 1000 lb all the way up to the UpPro P2514, offering the highest capacity and highest speed in the industry. Spider’s UpPro line of hoists include variable frequency drive—the ONLY VFD hoists specifically designed for the elevator industry.