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SC1000 Air Series Traction Hoists

Spider’s SC1000A hoist offers the best of proven technology and innovative features.

The SC1000 Air Series Traction Hoists feature a gross load capacity of up to 1,500 lb and an operating range of 60-110 PSI, 70 CFM max.


Part NumberGross Load CapacityOverspeed
Slack Wire
Rope Brake
90251500 lb (680 kg)89 lb (40.4 kg)
90261500 lb (680 kg)93 lb (42.1 kg)
80251000lb (450 kg)89 lb (40.4 kg)
80261000lb (450 kg)93 lb (42.1 kg)

Additional Specifications

  • Dimensions: 12 x 14 x 20.5 in (305 x 356 x 521 mm)
  • Travel Speed: 35 ft/min (10.7 m/min)
  • Motor: 4 hp
  • Hoist Construction: Aluminum, Steel and Engineered Polymer
  • Wire Rope Construction: 5 x 26, 8.4 mm IWRC or FC Right Regular Lay IPS or EIPS Preformed, Galvanized or Bright
  • Maximum Power/Operating Range: 60 to 110 psi (70 CFM)

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Innovative Design

  • Flexibility of multiple load ratings from one hoist – labeled 750/1000/1500 lb. rated with 90/100/110 PSI at max. 70 cfm
  • Load controlled by PSI – no need to open hoist to reset load capacity
  • Quiet operation – only 92 dB compared to industry standard of 110 dB
  • Air power pack removable (1-screw) to switch air hoist to electric for fleet flexibility
  • Filter Lubricator Assembly included with hoist and can be mounted either to the hoist or to a work cage, Spider Mod, Modulo or knock down modular stages
  • 2 polymer covers (mainframe & overspeed)
  • Simplified design cuts service time: basic service in 10 minutes, and overhaul is 1 hour


  • Simplified ergonomics – easier handle operation, more comfortable control descent
  • Compact, ergonomic design to survive transportation and delivery better
  • Filter Lubricator Assembly features more robust connection to mounting plate to reduce breakage
  • Air brake lines are rubber, more robust & flexible
  • IP65 Rated Enclosed Brake
  • Protective coating on internal motor & brake components to protect against rust
  • Remote ready – accepts 9-61, 8-0399 and 701303 remotes
  • Dual wire rope optional – bolt-in installation for aftermarket hoists
  • UL/CUL listing

Field Tested Operation

  • Extensively tested traction system – nearly impossible to jam wire rope
  • Wire rope can’t continue to build up around the sheave if operated after overspeed is tripped
  • Same trusted gast air motor, valve & air motor parts, and oiler filter unit for ease of supply and better inventory availability