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Quality & Certifications

Engineered for Reliability and Long Life

Just like you, we have high expectations for all our products. As a result, we design and service to a tougher standard.

Quality—we invest in it.  All Spider products are designed and manufactured in our ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001-certified factories, which undergo regular audits by Fortune 500 customers.  Similarly, we drive quality through all our component suppliers through rigorous supplier qualification processes and audits.

We test to applicable UL and cUL standards and beyond to ensure the safety and reliability of our equipment in customers’ hands. In addition, Spider only uses AWS-certified welders.

Since we own and operate the largest suspended access rental fleet in North America, we buy and service our own product. Every day, our equipment is in action at thousands of jobs sites across the continent. The feedback from these projects allows us to identify and implement continuous improvements to better serve customers.

Our Standard Work Instructions document the complete manufacture, inspection and repair of all our products. We train our certified technicians to these standards and audit regularly to ensure compliance. This means you’ll get the same high-quality equipment, professionally serviced and prepared consistently across our entire branch network.