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ST-17 Air Spider Basket

The original Spider basket! With decades of use in the field, the Spider ST-17 air powered work basket is the industry standard for work in refineries, tank farms, shipyards, offshore platforms and heavy construction. The current Spider ST-17 basket has been redesigned to meet your needs and simplify your ownership experience—lowering your cost of ownership, improving the reliability of the components, and making it easier to service this product right.

A self-contained, single line unit, the ST-17 accommodates two workers to double productivity. Contractors can add modular platforms or plank sections between two ST-17s to form a double line suspended scaffold. With modular sections, workers can quickly connect sections without special tools to create a larger working span with flydecks attached. The unit comes equipped with numerous safety devices to ensure safe operation.

The ST-17 is the finest quality work basket in the world and is a result of years of improvements, primarily from customer feedback.


Part Number1Item DescriptionTravel Speed2Power Requirements
ST-17-3-XXXAluminum Basket, Thimble30 fpm
(9.2 mpm)
120 psi air @ 60 cfm
ST-17-4-XXXAluminum Basket, 18 in. Eye Splice30 fpm
(9.2 mpm)
120 psi air @ 60 cfm
ST-17-5-XXXAluminum Basket, Thimble, Arc Guard Kit30 fpm
(9.2 mpm)
120 psi air @ 60 cfm
ST-17-6-XXXAluminum Basket, 18 in. Eye Splice, Arc Guard Kit30 fpm
(9.2 mpm)
120 psi air @ 60 cfm
ST-17-7-XXXStainless Steel Basket, Thimble30 fpm
(9.2 mpm)
120 psi air @ 60 cfm
ST-17-8-XXXStainless Steel Basket, 18 in. Eye Splice30 fpm
(9.2 mpm)
120 psi air @ 60 cfm
ST-17-9-XXXStainless Steel Basket, Thimble, Arc Guard Kit30 fpm
(9.2 mpm)
120 psi air @ 60 cfm
ST-17-10-XXXStainless Steel Basket, 18 in. Eye Splice, Arc Guard Kit30 fpm
(9.2 mpm)
120 psi air @ 60 cfm
1“XXX” denotes length of wire rope, available in lengths of 50-350 ft in 50 ft. increments. For example, “ST-17-4-50” is the part number for a ST-17-4 with 50 ft of wire rope.
2fpm/mpm = feet per minute/meters per minute.

Additional Specifications

  • Gross Load Capacity: 1000 lb. (453.6 kg)
  • Dimensions: 37 x 29 x 72 in (940 x 737 x 1829 mm)
  • Weight: 210 lb (95.3 kg)
  • Wire Rope Size: 5/16 in (8 mm)
  • Wire Rope Construction: Seale Construction 6 x 19
  • Basket Construction: Aluminum and Steel

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Key Features

  • Air-powered motor.
  • Reinforced midair transfer point and wear plates at base.
  • Winding drum hoist offers safe, efficient operation in hazardous and corrosive environments.
  • Paint and blast media on wire rope do not impact operation of unit.
  • Reliable vented transmission prohibits entry of corrosive agents for greater durability.
  • Constant pressure versa valve ensures complete, immediate stop on release of operating lever.
  • Built-in breather vent kit.
  • Simpler wire rope changes.
  • Simpler service.
  • Reusable wear parts.
  • Fairlead guide replaces steel wire rope guides:
    • Two mating universal pieces extend life four times that of prior design.
    • Wear guide that indicates replacement interval.
    • Polymer material resists corrosion.
  • Tension holder assembly:
    • Simple polymer assembly.
    • Simple test shows when to replace tension blocks.
  • More robust and reliable oiler/filter lubricator assembly:
    • Easier mounting.
    • Robust mounting brackets.
    • Better visual management.
    • Improved serviceability from special lubricants that decrease maintenance time for equipment used in harsh industrial environments.


UL Certifications

CE Standard

The ST-17 has been modified to meet the European CE standard so it can be used where facility owners require CE certification.

  • Top limit switch with trip plate.
  • Lower limit/slack rope sensor with bypass for dereeving unit.
  • Emergency stop to cut air supply to basket in case of emergency.
  • Secondary wire rope grab for two-line system.

Note: The CE version is a special order product. Call Spider for details.