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Wedge Sockets

  • Basket is cast steel
  • Individually magnetic particle inspected
  • Pin diameter and jaw opening allow wedge and socket to be used in conjunction with open swage and spelter sockets.


Part NumberDescription
P-00146-1Wedge socket
  • Secures the tail or ‘dead end’ of the wire rope to the wedge, thus eliminating loss or ‘punch out’ of the wedge
  • Eliminates the need for an extra piece of rope and is easily installed
  • Eliminates the potential breaking off of the tail due to fatigue
  • The tail, which is secured by the base of the clip and the wedge, is left undeformed and available for reuse.
  • Incorporates Crosby’s patented Quic-Check® “Go” and “No-Go” feature cast into the wedge. The proper size rope is determined when the following criteria are met:
    1. The wire rope should pass through the “Go” hole in the wedge.
    2. The wire rope should NOT pass through the “No Go” hole in the wedge.
  • Utilizes standard Crosby Red-U-Bolt wire rope clip
  • Generates a minimum efficiency of 80% based on the catalog breaking strength of the wire rope
  • Standard wedge socket can be retrofitted with the new style Terminator wedge.
  • Available with Bolt, Nut and Cotter Pin

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