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Rigging Sleeve

Rigging sleeves are ideal for performing regular façade maintenance beneath large overhanging structures.

Sometimes called drop through or pigeonhole support devices, rigging sleeves provide support for a suspension line passing through an opening in an overhanging structure, such as a roof or deck. The suspension line is then shackled to the support’s removable snap lock pin.

Rigging sleeves are particularly useful for soffits, balconies, or other cantilevered areas on a building.


Temporary rigging sleeves typically set over a small hole (1.5″) in an overhanging structure. Permanent devices are attached to the structure by bolts, welding, or cemented into place and often have a weather cap to prevent rain from coming through.

The type of rigging sleeve that is right for your building depends on multiple factors. Contact your Spider representative to help determine the right solution for your needs.

Rigging Sleeves – Example Application

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