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Intermittent Stabilization Anchors (ISA)

Intermittent Stabilization Anchors (ISAs) secure a platform to a building façade to protect against damage from high winds. ISAs are required every 30 vertical feet on a building façade in the U.S., and every 50 feet in Canada. As a platform descends, lanyards connect the wire ropes to the anchors.


Spider offers a wide range of ISAs to meet the needs of any building façade, including embedded, drill-in, and mullion mounted options.


Spider offers two styles of ISA:

Detent pin: Embeds a socket in the façade wall, allowing for a flush installation. The lanyard connects to the socket via a quick-release detent pin.

Button: Uses a small metal button mounted on the building façade. The lanyard connects directly to the button.

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