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Davits, Sockets, & Pedestals

Portable davits are commonly used to suspend a permanently installed platform from the roof of a building for facade maintenance. 

Spider’s industry leading top-rotating portable davits are available in a wide range of custom sizes.  We also offer a complete line of sockets, pedestals, and accessories to meet the needs of your building.  

Designed in the U.S. and manufactured in North America.


Part NumberDescriptionCapacityReach
723113Top Rotating Portable Davit with 2 long pins1,000-1,250 lb (454-567 kg)78-102 in. (1,981- 2,591 mm)
724270Top Rotating Portable Davit with 4 short pins1,000-1,250 lb (454-567 kg)78-102 in. (1,981- 2,591 mm)

Additional Specifications

  • Weight: Dependent on configuration. Largest davit is under 300 lb
  • Work Height: Minimum: 8′-2″ (98″) Maximum: 11′-8″ (140″) (Available in 6″ increments)
  • Reach: 78″ or 102″
  • Capacity: 1,000 lb or 1,250 lb
  • Davit Connection: 2 long pins (each 16-1/4″) 723113 or 4 short pins (each 5″) 724270
  • Material: Mast & Boom: 6061-T6 Aluminum Hardware: Stainless Steel
  • Compliance: Conforms with OSHA 1910.66, CAL/OSHA title 8, ASME A120.1-2014. Conforms with NYSDOL advisory standard 101.


Part NumberDescriptionUse Case
723734Bolt Down PedestalUsed with embed or thru-bolt plates
723735Weld Down PedestalWhen welding directly to the building structure
723667Bolt Down Socket-PedestalUsed with embed or thru-bolt plates
723657Bolt Down Socket-Pedestal (foam filled)1Used with embed or thru-bolt plates
723668Weld Down Socket-PedestalWhen welding directly to the building structure
723737Bolt Down Pedestal for Mobile SocketUsed with embed or thru-bolt plates
723738Weld Down Pedestal for Mobile SocketWhen welding directly to the building structure
723561Bolt Down SocketCan be used with pedestals or embed/thru-bolt plates
723642Mobile SocketUsed with mobile socket pedestals 723737 & 723738
723583-1Embed AssemblyEmbedded in roof structure prior to roof completion
723733-1Thu Bolt AssemblyInstalled after the roof has been completed
1 Compatible with NYSDOL Advisory Standard 101

Additional Details

Pedestals: Provide a structural connection to the rooftop structure. Spider offers a complete range of pedestals to meet the needs of any rooftop.

Sockets: Connect a davit to the roof equipment. Sockets can connect to a pedestal or directly to the building structure with an embed or thru bolt assembly.

Mobile sockets: An alternative to permanently mounted sockets. Mobile sockets can move from one pedestal to another allowing a lower profile roof installation.

Embed and thru bolt assemblies: Allow a pedestal or socket to be bolted directly to the top of a roof structure (concrete, wood, steel, etc.) Embed assemblies are used prior to roof completion and are embedded into the roof structure. If the roof structure has already been completed, consider using a thru bolt assembly. Thru bolt assemblies are used after the roof has been completed and apply force to either side of the roof structure.


Part NumberDescriptionHeightWeightCompatible Davits
723679-1Portable Davit Transfer Cart1N/A24 lb (10.9 kg)723113 & 724270
723949-1Erection Winch for Portable Davit37 in. (940 mm)21 lb (9.5 kg)723113 & 724270
723467-1Erection Winch for Portable Davit62 in. (1,575 mm)28 lb (12.7 kg)723113
1 Only for use with 140 in. tall davit.

Additional Details

Portable Davit Transfer Cart: Portable davits are often moved from one pedestal to another or between different roof levels. This cart allows users to relocate the davit with minimal force while maintaining a low center of mass. (Note: Only for use with 140 in. tall davit.)

Erection Winches: Erection winches are used to raise a davit to an upright position and safely lower the davit during the removal process. One winch can be used for multiple davits.

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