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Parapet Clamps

  • Designed for maximum versatility with multiple throat openings to fit different parapet widths
  • Steel and aluminum construction
  • Thorough labeling simplifies installation
  • Use beam portion 702606-1 with existing 8-0044 front and rear assemblies to modify parapet clamps in the field, allowing greater fleet flexibility
  • Built by Spider in the USA


Part NumberWeightMax Reach*Max Clamp OpeningMax Load Capacity
9-9245 lb (20.4 kg)20 in (508 mm)29 in (736 mm)1,000 lb (453.6 kg)
702396-158 lb (26 kg)24 in (610 mm)44 in (1,118 mm)1,500 lb (680.4 kg)
8-004452 lb (23.6 kg)24 in (610 mm)29 in (736 mm)1,500 lb (680.4 kg)
*Maximum reach varies based on clamp opening.

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