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C-beam Assemblies

C-beam assemblies allow rigging a suspension rope close to a building face below cornices and ledges. The C-beam can be used as a cornice hook, or it can be suspended from a standard outrigger beam with shackles, steel wire rope or turnbuckles.

Additional rigging notes apply to this product. Contact Spider for more information. 

Available in custom dimensions upon request.


Part NumberWeightCapacityInside HeightOutside HeightInside Horizontal Reach
701135-1134 lb
(60.8 kg)
1,500 lb
(680.4 kg)
48 in.
(1,219 mm)
67.5 in.
(1,715 mm)
44 in.
(1,118 mm)

Key Features

  • Versatile use with beam outrigger or same stand alone
  • Made from heavy duty aluminum extrusion and aluminum plate, time-tested in our permanently installed davits
  • Extensive product labels simplify installation
  • Built by Spider in the USA

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