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Fall Arrest Harnesses

The right harness should be as comfortable as your regular clothing. Strap on a Spider harness and you’ll feel the difference. Pull the straps and it’s instantly sized for your body.


Part NumberSizesBuckleWaist Harness Size
707795-1S/MMating Buckle34 to 44 in.
(864 to 1118 mm)
707795-2L/XLMating Buckle42 to 50 in.
(1067 to 1270 mm)
707795-3XXLMating Buckle48 to 56 in.
(1219 to 1422 mm)
707793-1S/MTongue Buckle34 to 44 in.
(864 to 1118 mm)
707793-2L/XLTongue Buckle42 to 50 in.
(1067 to 1270 mm)
707793-3XXLTongue Buckle48 to 56 in.
(1219 to 1422 mm)

Additional Specifications

  • Type: Standard
  • Side D Rings: No
  • Front D Ring: No
  • Retrieval Rings: No
  • Lanyard Loops: 1
  • Waist Belt: No
  • Shoulder Pads: No
  • Back Pad: No
  • Stretch Material: No

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Key Features

  • Lanyard loop eliminates slack and tripping hazards
  • Sewn-in chest strap assures proper position
  • No-slip SURE-GRIP web prevents loosening for constant fit
  • Fastening options:Adjustable mating buckle for fast hook-up and proper fit
  • Tongue buckle leg straps allow quick, secure adjustments
  • Durable, removable tool belt (optional)
  • 6 in. (152 mm) padded back support for maximum comfort and fatigue reduction (optional)
  • Replaceable shoulder pads to distribute the weight of the tool belt (optional)
  • Sub-pelvic strap gives greater support and keeps the user upright while arresting a fall
  • Sliding back D-ring
  • Quick to don and easy to adjust
  • Sturdy hardware
  • Webbing makes visual inspection easy:
  • If fraying reaches black line, remove from service
  • D-ring pads
  • Lanyard keepers: Made of Delrin® polymer
  • Conveniently located on the right
  • Meets the draft of ANSI Z359, allowing for breakaway if worker’s lanyard snags
  • Delrin® slides replace elastic bands to hold excess webbing for a cleaner look