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Access Canada invests in revolutionary new traction hoist technology

The SC1000 Relevation™ hoist from Spider by BrandSafway.

Access Canada Equipment Corporation, based in Toronto, Ontario, recently completed a major order of Spider’s newest product, the SC1000 Relevation™ hoist. The SC1000 Relevation is the first and only UL-listed, battery-powered traction hoist on the market.

The timing was no accident. Paul Wilson, President of Access Canada, was waiting for the opportunity. As a large fleet owner, he was eager to add this new technology to his fleet.

“Paul has been interested and engaged since we first began development of this product,” said John Callahan, Area Director for Spider by BrandSafway. “He’s asked about it every time we’ve met, and as soon as the product was available, he jumped on it.”

“Our business needs innovation,” Paul said. “This gives us something new to talk about with customers. It’s more technologically advanced than competing hoists, and that allows us to compete on value as opposed to price.”

Access Canada has a long history with Spider by BrandSafway. They are Spider’s largest distribution partner in Eastern Canada and the largest private fleet owner of Spider motors for sale or rent. They need them too. Toronto alone is one of the biggest markets for swing stages in the world (along with New York City), and they also serve Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton.

“A lot of it is restoration work,” Paul said, “but that doesn’t necessarily mean old buildings.” The wide temperature swings experienced in much of Canada are hard on building exteriors. Windows need replacing. Masonry needs restoring. Caulking needs replacing.

“Caulkers and glaziers love this hoist,” Paul said. “Managing power cables on a tall building is dangerous and time consuming. With the SC1000 Relevation hoist, there are no power cables to manage. The hoists and platforms can be relocated as needed.”

As contractors and equipment operators know, power supply-related challenges are the leading cause of lost productivity and downtime on jobsites across the country. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the SC1000 Relevation hoist frees customers from the power constraints on their jobsites and allows them to work independent of any site power issues, including:

  • No site power available, requiring a rental generator or compressor.
  • Low voltage or irregular power, leading to overheated hoists and lost productivity.
  • Management of long power cables, which are difficult to relocate, easily damaged, and must be stored between shifts.

“This is a major innovation in our business,” Paul said. “It solves access issues for our customers, and that is very, very helpful.” 

Learn more about the SC1000 Relevation hoist in our online catalog or contact Spider for more information.

For more information about Access Canada Equipment Corp, reach out to or call 855-248-6600.

About Spider by BrandSafway Spider is the leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of suspended powered access solutions for sale or rent. With specialized design expertise, fully integrated manufacturing and engineering, and a national network of sales, service and support capabilities, Spider provides reliable solutions, industry-leading hoists and swing stages, netting solutions and more. Spider has a long history of leadership and innovation based on customer feedback, including the new SC1000 Relevation™ hoist, the first and only BATTERY-POWERED hoist on the market. With more than 75 years of experience, we put contractors to work safely, reliably, and productively every time. Visit to learn more.