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Wind Turbine Access

Costa Rica

Turbine: Neg Micon 750 KW 

Contractor: CR Corporation 

Project Scope

Entire blade tip replacement and additional blade repair work on a Neg Micon 750 KW turbine.


  • 360 degree access required with high load rating to support workers and tools. 
  • No rigging points available on the nacelle. 
  • Very short nacelle, making rigging points also very close to the tower. 
  • Small tower with tight clearance. 
  • Remote location in Costa Rica. 
  • Crew unfamiliar with swing stage platforms.


Spider custom designed the blade access solution to ensure user productivity. The 360 Blade Access Platform (BAP) was powered with three SC1500 hoists allowing faster mobilization and more load capacity. The platform featured an alternative stirrup design to improve platform stabilization and reduce the load on the hoists.

In collaboration with CR Corporation, Spider installed engineered slings on the blade root and hub to provide the rigging solution.

Spider also performed multiple onsite training sessions.

360° Blade Access Platform

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