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Tank Access: Gulf Power/Crist Plant

Pensacola, FL 

Contractor: SealTech

Facility Owner: Gulf Power

Project Scope

Provide access to the jet bubble reactor’s upper tank wall and beams for sanding, joint finishing, and joining beams to tank wall, and to beams to install piping for the cooling process.


  • The fiberglass tank restricted load capacities. 
  • To minimize effects on the plant’s production, quick and efficient installation times were required.


Spider’s engineering experts designed a circular platform that could be separated into quarters to increase the load capacity. The platform was rigged with corner adapters and Spider’s 702396-1 Extended Parapet Clamps. Eight 30 ft (9.1 m) modular platforms powered by SC1000 traction hoists and equipped with 5×5 beams and H-plates were rigged between the reactor’s beams.

Superintendents, foremen and key team members completed Spider’s Competent Person Training course at the Pensacola Operation Center to ensure safe, efficient operation of the equipment.

Spider’s custom engineered design solution saved SealTech six project days for its entire crew due to the ease and efficiency of Spider equipment, compared to the ground-based scaffold solution the company considered.

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