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Processing Plant Access: ThyssenKrupp USA Steel Processing Plant

Calvert, AL 

Contractor: LPR

Facility Owner: ThyssenKrupp USA

Project Scope

Provide access for the installation of steel girder beams on the 175 ft (53.3 m) wide, 234 ft (71.3 m) tall hot dip galvanizing line structure of the steel processing plant.


  • Extremely efficient installation, equipment relocation, and dismantling were required to minimally impact the ThyssenKrupp plant’s production.


Six 40 ft (12.2 m) platforms powered by electric traction motors, rigged with truss outriggers enabled the contractor to work two columns simultaneously, increasing their productivity. After Spider’s swift mobilization, the contractor was able to get to work the same day. The truss outriggers then allowed for quick and easy relocation of the rigging, enabling the workers to move from one drop to the next in just 30 minutes.

Twenty-five LPR employees completed Spider’s Basic User Training and mastered the use of Spider’s rigging checklist to ensure safe ongoing use of the equipment. LPR demonstrated safe operations that exceeded ThyssenKrupp’s facility requirements.

Spider’s solution saved LPR over $50,000 and 10 days of set up and tear down time compared with the built-up scaffolding option LPR considered.


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