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Masonry Restoration: The Josephinum Apartment Building

Seattle, WA

Contractor: Elite Construction 

Project Scope

The customer required external access to the 14-story landmark apartment building in downtown Seattle for masonry restoration work. 


  • The cornice was 4 ft wide and 12 ft below the top of the parapet, making it impossible to safely and stably get standard rental equipment close enough to access the building’s façade. 

Project Scope

In just one week, Spider designed and produced a custom solution that consisted of two 30 ft offset platforms powered by SC1500 traction hoists. The platforms were equipped with a modified counterweight beam to increase stability and a custom head on the walk-thru stirrup. This allowed the entire platform to be on the inside of the suspension rope and provide complete access to the wall and underside of the cornice. Rigging was accomplished by gantry outriggers on the roof.  

Custom swing stage at The Josephinum, Seattle

“I’ve been a customer of Spider for thirty-three years. I was confident they could solve the unique access challenges the Josephinum building presented, and they have once again exceeded my expectations. I’ve partnered with John Zemlin, Spider’s District Sales Representative in Seattle, for over twenty years, and he, along with their experienced team of engineers, delivered an ideal solution where competitors fell short. Spider has enabled our crew to work safely and comfortably.”

Don Watson | Foreman, Elite Construction

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