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Façade Restoration: Thomson-Reuters Office Building

St. Louis, MO 

Contractor: Mid America Metals

Project Scope

The customer required access to the façade of the 3-story Thomson-Reuters office building in St. Louis to clean and refinish metal panels.


  • Landscaping, trees, and a small sidewalk eliminated alternate access options. A boom lift could not fit in the obstructed area, and built-up scaffolding estimates exceeded the customer’s budget.


While Spider equipment is typically seen suspended from high-rise buildings and other massive structures, in this case Spider’s suspended access solution overcame the customer’s challenges and safely provided façade access on a simple, 3-story building.

Spider rigged a 30-ft swing stage powered by two 1000 lb traction hoists from the building’s rooftop. Four workers completed Spider’s OSHA-certified Competent Person Training program to ensure safe operation of the equipment and also used Spider fall protection equipment onsite, including basic harnesses and lifelines.

The customer completed the work on time and saved 50% compared to alternative access solutions.

Thomsen-Reuters Office Building

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