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Curtain Wall Installation: The Wharf – Parcel 5

Washington, DC 

Contractor: Service Glass Industries, Inc.

Project Scope

Installation of curtain wall panels on new construction at The Wharf – Parcel 5 Hotels in
Washington, D.C.


  • The bustling waterfront neighborhood prevented the use of cranes, rigs and boom lifts, which would require costly permits, road closures and inconveniences to surrounding businesses.
  • Rooftop obstructions presented rigging challenges.
  • A full week was required for the complete monorail installation.


Spider’s local branch and dedicated Systems Group collaborated to provide a complete powered
suspended access solution. Five single monorail systems totaling 400 ft in length enabled swift horizontal mobility
of swing stages and material hoists along the facade, increasing productivity while eliminating the need for
expensive cranes on the jobsite. Seven swing stages ranging in length from 15 ft to 40 ft and powered by SC1000 traction hoists, and five Beta Max Leo VFD material hoists from Spider’s rental fleet were used to lift and precisely position the curtain wall panels into place.

Spider turned to its local Safway partner for Systems™ Scaffold towers to support the monorail beams above
rooftop obstructions. Safway also provided Systems™ Scaffold towers to secure stairwells on the construction

The Wharf – Parcel 5

In addition to the equipment solutions, Spider provided rigging, swing stage relocation and de-rigging services, as well as on-site user training for the customer.

Spider Monorail
Roof rigging including Systems Scaffold towers

“The Wharf – Parcel 5 was our first project with Spider, and the experience was entirely positive. The monorail solution kept our crews working efficiently, and the Spider team responded quickly and attentively when needs arose. The reliable equipment and support Spider delivered was critical to this project’s success.”

Tony Donini | Foreman, Service Glass Industries, Inc.

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