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Curtain Wall Installation: Aramark Headquarters

Philadelphia, PA 

Contractor: Reilly Glazing, Inc

Project Scope

Glass installation on the façade of the new Aramark headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • Standard crane solutions were not practical. 
  • A rigid project timeline and the desire to minimize impact on the schedules of other trades required an efficient, productive solution.


Glass installation on the façade of the new Aramark head Spider provided three Glazier 2200s, the innovative, mobile, counterweighted lifting solution that delivers swift speeds up to 70 feet per minute, high lifting capacity up to 2,000 lbs and precise curtain wall positioning to high elevation jobsites. With the Glazier 2200s on site, Reilly Glazing, Inc. was able to set 20-29 glass panels each day, doubling the average productivity they realize with a standard crane solution, saving money and putting the project ahead of schedule.

“After seeing a demonstration of Spider’s Glazier 2200 in action, it was clear this was the most practical solution for the project at hand. The Glazier 2200s were easy to transport, simple to operate, and required no special training for our crews. Our first Spider experience exceeded our expectations, and we already have plans to collaborate on two upcoming curtain wall projects.”

Dan Reilly | President of Reilly Glazing, Inc.