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Press Release: Spider by BrandSafway launches a revolution in traction hoist technology

SC1000 Relevation™ is the first and only battery-powered traction hoist on market.

SEATTLE, Wash., September 22, 2022 Spider, part of BrandSafway’s Motorized Manufacturing Group, introduces the SC1000 Relevation™ hoist, the first and only UL-Listed, battery-powered traction hoist on the market

As contractors and equipment operators know, power supply-related challenges and problems are the leading cause of lost productivity and downtime, resulting in increased direct costs on jobsites across the country.

The SC1000 Relevation frees customers from the power constraints on their jobsites and allows them to work independent of any site power problems or challenges, including:

  • No site power available, requiring a rental generator/compressor to power a swing stage
  • No connection to site power ready, requiring an electrician and delay
  • Low voltage and fluctuating power supply, leading to overheating of the hoist, intermittent operation, and lost productivity
  • Troubleshooting visits to a jobsite, or delivery of boost transformers
  • Damaged power cables, and lost time coiling and storing between shifts

Based on the proven Spider SC1000 hoist platform, the SC1000 Relevation features a portable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with enough power for three hours of total travel time (up and down combined) at its rated 1000-lb load capacity. A five-amp wall charger recharges the battery to full capacity in less than eight hours. The battery is IP-64 rated and has been tested and approved for operation at temperatures from -4 to 140 °F (-20 to 60 °C).

For more information on how to rent the SC1000 Relevation for your next job or add Relevation hoists to your fleet, please contact your local Spider sales representative or call 877-774-3370.

About Spider by BrandSafway

Spider is the leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of suspended scaffolding systems, for rental or sale. We have solutions to overcome the most unique and demanding access challenges for all phases of construction, maintenance, painting, blasting and repair projects. Let us help you solve your access needs with our range of drum and traction hoists, work basket and modular platform systems, rigging and netting options, or a custom-engineered solution. With more than 70 years of experience, we put contractors to work safely, reliably, and productively every time. Visit to learn more.

Media Contact:

Mark Heller, Marketing Communications Manager