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World Record Competition – Centennial Bridge


Contractor: Zink

Project Scope

Gillette Antiperspirant’s extreme athletic competition involved seven athletes simultaneously performing pull-ups while suspended from different bridges across Latin America. For Panama’s portion of the Guinness World Record competition, the event development organization required safe, reliable suspended access equipment to transport an athlete to the top of the Centennial Bridge across the Panama Canal.


  • The height of the bridge’s pillar is 425 ft above the Panama Canal.
  • Timing was of the utmost importance since this Guinness World Record competition involved seven athletes simultaneously performing pull-up exercises while suspended from different bridges across Latin America. It was critical that the Spider lift delivered the athlete safely and on time.


A Spider ST-180 electric work basket, equipped with two lifelines and rope grabs, was rigged to a custom rigging point at the top of the bridge’s 425-ft tall pillar. The aerial work cage’s 1,250-lb load capacity enabled an operator and the athlete to travel to the top with the required 4:1 safety factor. When they reached the top of the pillar, the athlete grabbed the bar while the operator lowered the work basket several feet to allow room for the challenge. Once the pull-up challenge was completed, the ST-180 work basket climbed again to gather the athlete and smoothly descended to the ground.

Centennial Bridge – Panama
ST-180 Work Basket

“We chose Spider’s solution to lift our Panamenia athlete 425 feet to guarantee not only safety but also that he was transported to the top of the pillar fast enough to accomplish the real-time, simultaneous competition among the seven participating countries in Latin America.”

Ana Sol Ordonez | Key Account Manager and Co-owner of Zink Panama

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