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Curtain Wall Installation – World Trade Center Towers

New York City, NY 

Contractor: Benson Industries 

Project Scope

The contractor was responsible for glass curtain wall and glazing installation, glass repairs, and louver work on One World Trade Center and Tower Four. 


At 1,776 ft, One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. More than 3,000 large, delicate glass panels needed to be safely and efficiently lifted to these extreme heights – floor 100 and above. With the eyes of the world watching the progress of these iconic structures, high volumes of the safest, most reliable equipment were required for a duration of more than four months. 


Spider supplied Portland-based glazing contractor Benson Industries with twelve complete swing stages to access the towers’ facades. Standard 20-foot and 30-foot modular platforms – powered by the market-leading SC1000 traction hoists – as well as Modulo® platforms enabled access to hard-to-reach areas. A custom modular outrigger beam monorail system was specially engineered to support the platforms.

In addition, four Beta Max Leo XXL VFD material hoists were used to lift the massive glass panels into position. With hoists on each side of the building, installers carefully brought the large, delicate panels up at a rate of 40-80 feet per minute and precisely positioned for the install.

Spider’s New York team provided on-site, hands-on training to ensure safe operation of the equipment.

World Trade Center towers

“From the minute the Spider team set foot on site to assess the project and explain our access and material hoisting options, we were confident they would provide the best solution. And they have exceeded our expectations.”

Frank Colletta | General Foreman, One World Trade Center

“The reliability and flexibility of Spider’s equipment are essential for us to complete the upper portion of the project. Their New York team provides great service, on-time deliveries, and helpful technical support to ensure that we are working safely at height, staying on schedule, and maximizing productivity. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Danny O’Brien | Superintendent, Benson Industries

“The equipment and service Spider provided was exceptional, enabling us to flawlessly complete our glass repairs and louver work.”

Eddie Nelson | Foreman – Tower Four, Benson Industries

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