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Curtain Wall Installation – McConnell Air Force Base

Wichita, Kansas 

Contractor: Western Building Group

Project Scope

Installation of curtain wall panels on new construction at the McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas.


  • On-going jobsite activity prohibited the use of cranes on-site, which had been the customer’s typical method of panel installation.


Spider configured a double-tiered 30-ft swing stage to enable the crew to simultaneously attach each panel at two elevations. Two Beta Max material hoists with top rollers and wireless remotes allowed precise positioning of the panels. Both the double-tiered swing stage and the material hoists traveled seamlessly along two 40-ft monorails, increasing productivity and efficiency on the jobsite. Spider provided Competent Person Training to Western Building Group’s lead men and on-site training to the crews to ensure safe operation of the equipment.

Double-tiered swing stage at McConnell Air Force Base.

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