Spider Staging Curtain Wall Applications

curtain wall installationOver the past seven decades, Spider has provided reliable access solutions to contractors working at height around the Americas. Some of these solutions include swingstages and Beta Max material hoists to help glazing contractors meet the needs of their most demanding curtain wall installation and maintenance projects. Spider’s focus on operational excellence and our commitment to listening to our customers ensure that we continue to research and develop new products to meet changing industry needs. Now, we are excited to deliver on that commitment with the introduction of two new lifting solutions for curtain wall applications: the Spider Dual Monorail System and the Spider Glazier 2200.

Spider Dual Monorail System
Spider’s Dual Monorail System is a complete solution for curtain wall applications, capable of offering precise horizontal and vertical positioning of large curtain wall panels. This innovative monorail solution is configurable as a single or double monorail and provides full worker access, as well as continuous, horizontal mobility for swingstages and material hoists around a structure’s perimeter.

With rotating pinned connectors, simple bolted splice plates, and support beams to accommodate rooftop obstructions, the Dual Monorail System is designed for ease of installation. The system features Spider’s new 6-in. x 8-in. I-beams, which are capable of supporting up to 3,000 lbs and are used for both the monorail and outrigger support, eliminating the need for extra outriggers. Engineered corner sections enable traversing from one building elevation to another, making it easier than ever to work with changing heights. Finally, the straight monorail can be configured to cantilever up to seven feet past the last outrigger, providing access to hard-to-reach areas.

• Fully integrated suspended access manufacturing and engineering
• Complies with OSHA 1926.451
• Engineered per customer application

Spider Glazier 2200
The Spider Glazier 2200 is a mobile material lifting solution capable of handling your most complex curtain wall applications while simultaneously ensuring maximum productivity and safety on elevated job sites.

Engineered to meet the challenges of curtain walling, the Glazier 2200 offers optimal flexibility with variable outreach ranging from 18 inches to 4 feet and an adjustable boom height of up to 117 inches. It’s also capable of lifting up to 2,150 lbs. With a variable frequency drive, it operates at speeds of up to 70 fpm, to simultaneously deliver mobility and high lifting capacity at speeds that support productivity.

With quick set adjustable tiebacks, standard Spider counterweights, heavy-duty low-profile casters, and a passive wire winder capable of holding 300 feet of 3/8-in. wire rope, the Glazier 2200 can improve jobsite efficiency. The counterweighted material lifting solution is capable of precise panel positioning with fine tune adjustments from the wireless pendant remote.

Built-in safety features include overload and overspeed protection, a top limit switch to stop the load at the upper limit, a tieback locking device that reduces the time required to reposition the tieback, and a steering handle to reposition the hoist without removing the counterweights.

The Spider Glazier 2200 complies with:
• ANSI / ASSE A10.5-2006
• ASME B30.17-2006
• OSHA 1926.552

Contact us today at 877-774-3370 to discuss your next curtain wall access challenge, or to request a custom solution from our engineers. With 25 branches in the Americas – including our newest location in Louisville, KY- 24/7 customer support, and engineers with local safety expertise, we’re here to help.

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