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Spider-modular-platformSpider offers a diverse range of modular platforms and accessories for rent and purchase to allow contractors and facility owners to meet individual jobsite requirements. With 25 full service rental and purchase locations across the Americas, we can deliver your swing stage rentals wherever you are. And our local, certified technicians provide optimal expertise to ensure your swing stages operate flawlessly in your unique climate and exceed local safety standards. When it comes to suspended scaffolding rental, no one does it better than Spider.

Spider Modular Platforms
Spider modular platforms are designed for speed and ease of set-up, versatile uses, high load capacities and long working spans. Built to the durability standard we hold for our own rental fleet, Spider Mod is American-made and meets the expectations of the most demanding professional contractors.

Spider Mod features 3, 5, 7, and 10 ft sections configurable into a maximum of 80 ft (supported by only two hoists) – the longest length available on the market. Aluminum sections keep the platform lightweight while steel connectors and end adapter stirrups ensure long-term durability. And wood, dimple, or grating deck options guarantee you’ll have the proper platform surface for your specific application.

Each platform is rated for 1,000 lbs at a 40 ft configuration or 500 lb at an 80 foot configuration. For a guide to allowable single cantilever load and length configurations, view our chart and as always, if you need assistance with your mod platform configurations, contact your Spider representative.

Modular Platform Specifications
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Modular Platform Accessories
Spider’s modular platforms can be equipped with various accessories, including corner adapters, stirrup assemblies, wall rollers, and more, making it easy for you to customize a platform that fits your unique project needs.

Contact Spider at 877-774-3370 to rent or purchase our modular platforms and accessories.

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