Creating Safe At-Height Technology with UL Certification

UL classified - Canada and USOver the past 70 years, Spider has remained dedicated to designing quality suspended access equipment for safety, productivity, and reliability. To hold to that, Spider designs, engineers, and tests all of our hosts in accordance with the Underwriters Laboratories UL 1323 standard for hoists, as is required under OSHA 1910.28(i)(1) & (g)(3) and 1926.451(d)(13). Our goal is to ensure that all of our customers receive products that are manufactured, maintained, and serviced according to strict and consistent safety standards.

What is UL?
UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, holds a standard for hoist safety first produced by Underwriters Laboratories in 1999. In order to earn a UL certification, the equipment must be tested in a qualified testing laboratory. This testing includes experimental testing for safety to ensure compliance with test standards, inspection of equipment and materials, service-value determinations, the use of a controlled procedure for identifying the listed or labeled equipment or materials tested, and the creation of creditable and objective reports of findings and the test methods employed. In short, the laboratory must extensively test the equipment and then release their findings and their testing methods in order to meet UL standards.

Spider is proud of our quality and service standards, which is why we invest in UL testing. In addition to ensuring UL certification, we work to maintain consistent quality production. Underwriters Laboratories examiners regularly inspect our hoists in our factories to verify consistent sustained production of the products, as designed and originally tested and listed, making them safer than products listed by other labs.

The SC1500- GHS
Recent updates to the UL 1323 standard now allow for faster hoists in guided applications. The new standard allows a scaffold guided by pretensioned wire ropes or fixed rails in an enclosed space or hoistway to travel up to 70 fpm, or twice as fast as the maximum rated speed for unguided scaffolds. Spider was one of the first to create a hoist to this new standard. The new Spider SC1500-GHS is the first UL-listed for man riding, high speed traction hoist on the market capable of speeds up to 70 feet per minute in Guided High Speed (GHS) applications, increasing productivity on elevator applications.

Spider is proud of our product quality and reliability. While many manufacturers fail to invest in UL listing, Spider does. You can verify our listing status by scanning the QR code below and entering “SafeWorks” in the company field. You can also look for the UL logo on our products – a sign that Spider continues its global leadership by providing the safest, most reliable solutions on the market.

QR code

Contact us at 877-774-3370 to request a quote, or to inquire about our suspended access solutions.

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