Access Solutions for Elevator Installations and Maintenance

elevator access solutionsWith nearly 70 years of experience in suspended access technology, Spider has the expertise to offer top of the line lifting solutions to make elevator installation, maintenance, and modernization as safe and efficient as possible. We now offer a full range of tools, safety solutions, and lifting equipment designed with elevator applications in mind, to keep your team working safely and productively. And, with 24/7 support across the Americas at 25 rental and service locations, we can offer rapid support, delivery, and technical service wherever you are.

Elevator Lifting Solutions
Spider offers a full range of solutions to meet all of your elevator installation and maintenance needs, including two NEW traction hoists.

UpPro 1009 UL35 Spider UpPro P1009 UL35 - final (1)

Our new UpPro traction hoist is the first UL-listed, single-phase, man-rated 2,220 lb hoist on the market. With a 30 ft/minute travel speed and a high lifting capacity of 2,200 lbs, the UpPro increases uptime, productivity, and safety on the jobsite. It offers improved reliability and operator safety with safety features including a built-in overload, controlled descent for self-rescue for workers, externally mounted Overspeed Safety Lock (OSL), and optional Inclination Safety Lock (ISL). Plus optimal power management and soft starts and stops are achieved with the variable frequency drive. For more details, download the UpPro 1009 UL 35 brochure today.

SC1500-GHS Spider SC1500-GHS

The new Spider SC1500-GHS is the first UL-listed for man riding, high speed traction hoist on the market. The model features speeds of up to 70 fpm on Guided High Speed (GHS) applications to allow for productivity and safety. The SC1500-GHS features a lifting capacity of 1,500 lbs, and offers the best low voltage performance in its class with the proven, market-leading track record of the SC1500 hoist. Features including continuous voltage readouts from the on-board voltage meter and easy to use remote pendant controls make the SC1500-GHS ideal for increasing productivity. For more details, download the SC1500-GHS brochure today.

Spider also offers a range of other solutions including our standard SC1000 and SC1500 hoists and the Astro E2200. Plus, we offer custom tool kits with specialty access equipment and tools based on your unique project needs. We will put together the elevator access solutions including UL-listed traction or material hoists and tools for your project to help you eliminate equipment management and other hassles.

Contact us at 877-774-3370 to request a quote, or to discuss your custom access needs.

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